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Proffito Software is a suite of born in the cloud applications designed for any company that has a need to improve processes for allocations, account reconciliations, and SOX workflow.   The applications will run on any cloud anywhere and use data from any source. Lightning fast to implement and easy to maintain and use. These apps have been developed by leading experts in the field including Peter Doyle and Greg Forkin. 



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Proffito is SaaS based on a per seat license model.   Proffito is powered by Answer Factory to bring your Analytics and Profitability needs.  Please click on the Answer Factory button below.

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Edwin Taylor, CEO has over 30 years’ experience innovating with corporate finance.   He has been a recognized expert in the Oracle Enterprise Performance space since his time at Hyperion Software. He also was a Business Development Director for Edgewater Ranzal where he closed over $40 million dollars in services.

Peter Doyle is the Chief Solutions Officer. Peter is the top profitability consulting expert in the world with many years of experience in corporate finance. He has implemented profitability solutions at Amazon, Suntrust, Exide Technology, CDW, Trinidad Telecommunications Services and Technology (TSTT) and many other happy clients. Peter is also the CEO of PCD consulting which is a focused Oracle services provider.